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Someone mentioned the words “Sugru” and “Group Buy” the other day at work which got me thinking about Sugru and what it is exactly, which then lead to “How do i make it?”

If you don’t know what Sugru is, check out their website: It is a “self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff” and can be used for many many useful things such as repairing broken cables/adding strain relief, making custom grips for your bike handlebars, making mounts for cameras and even repairing shoes.

I wanted to be able to make up something similar to Sugru any time i need any rather than ordering it from the UK and waiting for it to arrive. After a quick google, i found an instructable for making “OoGoo” which pretty much covers what i needed 🙂 Here is my attempt at making my own Sugru:



Here is a brief run down on how to make the stuff, for more detail refer to the Original Instructable:


How it works:

Normal silicon takes forever to set, the thicker it is, the longer it takes. Silicon sets by drawing in moisture from the air. The way the Sugru substitute works is by using moisture that the cornflour has absorbed and distributing it evenly through the compound so that it dries from the inside out and much faster than normal.

What you need:

  • 100% Silicon (Acetic cure silicon, it smells like vinegar… the cheapest stuff you can find!)
  • Cornflour/corn starch
  • Oil paint for colouring
  • Plastic disposable cups and something to stir with (i used a chopstick)

How to make it:

  • Mix about a pea sized amount of oil paint with 2 teaspoons of silicon, stir it together well until it is an even colour
  • mix in 2 teaspoons of cornflour (1:1 ratio i found is the best.. it sets in about 10 minutes which is long enough to work it into shape)
  • Stir it together until it is well blended. I found that when it was ready to handle, it would start peeling off the walls of the plastic cup easier and it wasn’t so sticky. At this stage, i took it out and rolled it up into a ball in my hands then started forming it into the shape i want.

This stuff sticks to most things really well, it sticks to already cured oogoo very well but doesn’t bond with plastic or metal very well. You can add a small amount of super glue (cyanacrylate adhesive) to the mix to make it stick better.

By changing the ratio of cornflour to silicon, you can vary the time it takes to set and the final strength of the compound. More corn flour will make it set quicker since there is more moisture in the mix. Less cornflour gives you longer to work the stuff into shape. a 1:5 cornflour:silicon mix will give you about a 1hr working time.

Now that you have your own moldable silicon, have fun and see what creative ideas you come up with!


    • Sarah on January 18, 2017 at 5:19 pm
    • Reply

    Hi. Does the end product becomes rubbery and elastic like sugru? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sarah, yep it feels almost exactly the same as sugru!

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