Simplest Raspberry Pi Case Ever

After recently acquiring a model B raspberry pi (finally!), i set out to build a case for it.

The goal was to make something that

  • protects the Pi from damage
  • Is  heavy enough that the weight of the ethernet cable does not pull it off the back of the desk
  • looks presentable.
Simplest Raspberry Pi Case Ever

Nice and tough 10mm Acrylic

Standoff Assembly

Standoff Assembly









I have been making lots of things with acrylic lately after discovering Plastic Creations in Fyshwick. It is a fantastic material to work with on the CNC after you learn it’s characteristics.

I chose to use 10mm thick acrylic for the Pi case because it is tough and pretty! I machined out 2 slabs about 120mm x 70mm  with holes in the four corners. The slabs are held apart by 25mm stainless steel stand-offs (*AKA Advertising Nails) which i got made in China for me.

Stainless Standoffs

Stainless Stand-offs

To buy something similar here in Australia was $19 PER STANDOFF! whereas i got them from china cheaper..

Next step was to polish the acrylic edges to remove tooling marks. I ran through 180-grit to 400-grit sandpaper and then”Flame Polished”the edges with a LPG/Oxy torch. The flame is run over the edge of the acrylic quickly enough that it lightly melts the edge without bubbling it, and the result is a nice shiny finish!

Finally, i buffed the edges for a bit of extra shine with brasso and put it all together.

I still need to work out a better way of securing the raspberry pi in the enclosure since double sided tape just feels a bit dodgy when the rest of the case is so pretty!


Network Storage Server

EDIT: As you may see in the comments on this post, there is already a similar case out there (very very similar in fact), the major difference is that the designer has a brilliant way of holding down the Raspberry Pi inside the case.

Great minds do think alike!

A link to PI-STACK on eBay by Ken Dakin.

And a review of his excellent product by Peter Vis

I don’t intend to market my case as i think that would be quite rude considering Ken Dakin already has a product on the market but if you would like to get one for yourself, i would highly recommend you buy Ken’s PI-STACK.


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    • ken dakin on July 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm
    • Reply

    Funny how remarkably similar your item is to the PI-STACK that has been advertised ob EBAY since mid May.
    It too is 10mm acrylic, flame polished etc.
    However we never divulged in our advertisement how the Raspberry Pi was held in place, so it appears you will have to buy one to find out how to do it properly!
    Double sided tape is really bad for the PCB and may pull the resistors off the board.
    Our product uses solid brass supports by the way.

    1. Wow! very very nice! your PI-STACK is much nicer looking than the case i made and as you pointed out, very similar! I went to the plastic shop mentioned in my blog post and asked about making a case for it, the shop has the standoffs advertised in the display cabinet at the front and i thought they were a good idea. The shop owner helped me to choose a nice thick acrylic for extra weight.

      I’m not sure about copyright and all that stuff but if my blog post offends you, i’ll take it down! it was in no way meant to copyright your PI-STACK! Otherwise, would you like me to link to your ebay item which may increase traffic to it?

  1. errrrm…Ken, maybe abit touchy there, although the PI-STACK looks much more proffesional, as i recieved my rasberry pi on friday I am definatly buying a PI- STACK to hold and protect my pi.James, you may want to skip the double sided tape idea..but thanks to both of you for your great and similar(cough..cough symetrical) ideas!

    • ken dakin on July 9, 2012 at 6:17 am
    • Reply


    It just goes to show, great minds do think alike!

    Please feel free to place a link to the Ebay PI-STACK advertisements. By the way, We have just introduced
    a Gold plated version as well.

    The only thing I would request is that you do not disclose on your blog the (very) cheap price you
    managed to acquire the 4 stainless steel posts for, as these prices generally are only
    available with massive minimum order quantities and may lead to confusion.

    Perhaps it would be better just to say you got them “cheaper” and leave it at that.

    Here is a review of our PI-STACK product by a well respected reviewer:-

    <a href=";

    You might like to include a link to the reviewers site

    1. Hi Ken,

      I have updated my post with your requests.



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