Nexus 7 WRX Dash Panel

Nexus 7 WRX Dash Panel

Nexus 7 WRX Dash Panel


    • joe on March 4, 2015 at 4:45 pm
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    dude… i want a tablet in my car so bad its crazy! i am very comfortable installing stereos,amps and such but never a tablet so i am guessing that it probably isnt too difficult. please tell me how to add a 7″ tablet to my 2009 vw rabbit. there is a double din opening in the dash. if i have to do a little dremmiling then so be it.


    1. heh thats the feeling i had when i started this project! If you have a double DIN then it’s just a matter of working out how to hold the tablet in there, some metal straps or a bit of fiberglass, or tape if you’re feeling ghetto! The main thing to think about is how to get audio from the tablet to the speakers, if you have an old car stereo you could mount it somewhere else (under the seat, etc) and run cable from the tablet to the stereo or even use bluetooth. I run from an audiophile quality DAC to Nakamichi amplifiers in the back that drive the speakers so thats also an option. Power is easy, just grab a 12v to USB power adapter that goes into the normal charging/lighter socket.

      Good luck! and keep me updated/shout out if you need any more info.

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