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ImaxRC X350 Overcharging FIXED!

The Fix: Use a high quality power supply with very low ripple/noise. clean the lacquer off all terminals with a wire brush or fibreglass pen replace the crappy deans connector with a genuine deans connector replace the internal 10A discharge fuse if you have exceeded the rated 40W discharge and have the “Connect Break” issue …

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How to make a fibreglass subwoofer box

Cinnamon & Honey Soap

I’ve been eagerly creating batch after batch of home-made soap, trying new things and experimenting with different methods! I thought the result of this batch was worth a blog! I chose to try something different this time and added Honey to the batch to take hold of all the wonderful natural benefits that honey provides, …

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Micro SD, Macro Packaging!

Micro SD Card

I thought this one deserved a blog post, not exactly a hobby of mine but worth a look none the less. It’s a great example of waste in today’s society… tiny little SD card in a huge packet! The only reasons i can think of for this is either: to make it harder to steal …

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