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Micro SD, Macro Packaging!

Micro SD Card

I thought this one deserved a blog post, not exactly a hobby of mine but worth a look none the less. It’s a great example of waste in today’s society… tiny little SD card in a huge packet! The only reasons i can think of for this is either: to make it harder to steal …

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Nexus 7 Car Installation

Nexus 7 In dash

What more could a gadget-addict want than to have all the features of Google’s latest flagship tablet, the Nexus 7 embedded in the dash of their car? I quickly got bored with off-the-shelf car stereo systems, here is my response: I have installed a Google/Asus nexus 7 in the dash of my MY00 Subaru WRX. …

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Lemon Myrtle Soap

Lemon Myrtle Soap

Due to my keen interest in gardening and also science, I like to distil essential oils from plants (I will describe my distillation hobby in another post). I take the trimmings from plants that i grow and rather than throw them in the compost, i run them through my steam distillation apparatus and extract the …

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Killer Seed Propagator

Complete Seed Propagator

Do you want to know how to increase your success with seed germination? Read on! As the title of my blog implies, I have way too many hobbies and gardening/hydroponics is one of them! I set out to build a seed propagator that would create the perfect environment for my precious seeds. It takes care …

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Resize Raspberry Pi Partitions

Sandisk 16GB SD Card

If you downloaded the default Debian image for your Raspberry Pi and burnt it to an SD card bigger than 2GB, chances are you won’t be using the full capacity of your storage card. The default image creates a small boot area (about 75mb), a root partition a bit smaller than 2GB and a 200mb …

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Simplest Raspberry Pi Case Ever


After recently acquiring a model B raspberry pi (finally!), i set out to build a case for it. The goal was to make something that protects the Pi from damage IsĀ  heavy enough that the weight of the ethernet cable does not pull it off the back of the desk looks presentable.       …

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