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Choosing a water temperature sensor for MicroSquirt

GM Coolant temperature sensor

Another of the challenges associated with fuel injecting an old motorbike is that none of the existing sensors were ever intended for connection to a modern engine management system. In particular, the coolant temperature sensor in the radiator has a single signal wire coming out of it and the ground return is through the chassis …

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Calibrating a MAP sensor with MicroSquirt

TunerStudioMS MAP Calibration

I was faced with the challenge of installing a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor on my Kawasaki GPZ900R fuel injection project. This sensor, together with an intake air temperature sensor is used in calculating the density of air entering the engine, and therefore how much fuel to inject using the Speed-Density algorithm. The challenge is …

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ImaxRC X350 Overcharging FIXED!

The Fix: Use a high quality power supply with very low ripple/noise. clean the lacquer off all terminals with a wire brush or fibreglass pen replace the crappy deans connector with a genuine deans connector replace the internal 10A discharge fuse if you have exceeded the rated 40W discharge and have the “Connect Break” issue …

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How to make a fibreglass subwoofer box

Water Cooled Raspberry Pi

Water-cooled raspberry pi?!?! Some of you might think “awesome!”, others may think “why bother?” I did it for several reasons: Because I can! It looks cool on my desk I want to overclock it so that I have the fastest raspberry pi on the internet! (also falls into “Because I can!”

How to make Vanilla Essence

Vanilla Essence

The smell of vanilla essence is one of the my favourites… It’s an essential in the kitchen and if you bake often then you probably go through loads of vanilla extract, Vanilla ice-cream, vanilla cake… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! Here i will show you how to make your own exceptionally nice vanilla …

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Cinnamon & Honey Soap

I’ve been eagerly creating batch after batch of home-made soap, trying new things and experimenting with different methods! I thought the result of this batch was worth a blog! I chose to try something different this time and added Honey to the batch to take hold of all the wonderful natural benefits that honey provides, …

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Excel Series Rally Car

More sideways action

This will be one big introductory post about my new rally car! I hope to keep a progress log about the car here on my blog. So after hours of trudging through forums and asking everyone i could find about rally cars, i decided to buy a (mostly) ready-to-race rally car, i settled on a …

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MSP430 on Fedora 16 Linux – eZ430-F2013


A few months ago, i came across a deal from Texas Instruments that let me get a free eZ430-F2013 development stick. Since i couldn’t resist the temptation of free gadgets, i immediately ordered one and then waited for it to turn up.. a month later… If you haven’t seen the neat little proto kit, it …

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Sugru – Make your own – DIY


Someone mentioned the words “Sugru” and “Group Buy” the other day at work which got me thinking about Sugru and what it is exactly, which then lead to “How do i make it?” If you don’t know what Sugru is, check out their website: It is a “self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving …

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