Aug 20

Water Cooled Raspberry Pi

Water-cooled raspberry pi?!?!

Some of you might think “awesome!”, others may think “why bother?” I did it for several reasons:

  • Because I can!
  • It looks cool on my desk
  • I want to overclock it so that I have the fastest raspberry pi on the internet! (also falls into “Because I can!”
water cooled raspberry pi

water cooled raspberry pi

water cooled raspberry pi

water cooled raspberry pi



CNC Pi Logo

CNC Pi Logo

Leak testing

Leak testing




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  1. Josh Mercieca

    Absolutely gorgeous, will be really awesome if filled with a flurescent red liquid.
    Whoever says that there is no need for such a thing is being ridiculous, these projects are simply just to prove something can be done, and you my friend, have done it well!

  2. Anondo

    Nice build. I like how you made it look kind of like the T virus containers from Resident Evil.

  3. James Finniss

    Thanks for the compliments! I agree about the fluoro red coolant, that would probably look awesome!

    Yeah it does look like a T-Virus vessel! good spot!

  4. Average Man

    This is very cool! I like the reason too “Because I can”…I use that phrase far too much!

  5. morgan

    Hi I love this!!!!! Where can I find those water cooling blocks?? Anyone?? Thank you!!!!

    1. James Finniss

      Hi Morgan, thanks for the feedback! I bought the blocks from alphacool.com they are called MCX One


      But they can be made REALLY easily at home too with nothing but a drill and some soldering skills.. I have made several custom water cooling blocks for things like my 3D printer since this project.

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